Threat Tuesday: Manufacturing Technology and IIoT

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Manufacturing and industrial applications are increasingly taking advantage of advances in sensor, networking and control technology to improve and optimize processes. For example, sensors can alert a plant manager if a machine stops running, and even provide feedback on tolerances, temperatures, and other parameters — warning of problems before they happen. 

And in pre-manufacturing operations, smart devices are being used more and more. Precision measurement, rapid prototyping and calibration can all be done by dedicated devices, and then fed into ever more sophisticated CAM/CAD applications for analysis and manufacturing.

Yes, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is an ever-growing ecosystem of interconnected devices, generating millions of pieces of data and information.

However, just as time has revealed serious security flaws in consumer IoT devices, the increased use of smart devices in industry has opened the door to new threats that must be countered.

For example, many of these devices contain their own flash or hard drive storage, where valuable data, including proprietary information and trade secrets, could linger. Just as old workstations, laptops and servers are targets of data thieves, decommissioned IIoT devices could be a treasure trove of data for competitors or other hostile actors.

So, it’s vital to consider the security of your industrial data throughout the lifecycle of your equipment — including decommissioning and end-of-life. CyberCrunch is your trusted electronics recycling partner. We can handle secure recycling of any electronic device, including industrial equipment. Simply click below to schedule a pickup — we’ll ensure that your equipment is disposed of in a secure and environmentally friendly way.