Hard Drive Degaussing

Here’s The Little-Know Method That Will Permanently Delete Your Data

Deleting your sensitive data can be harder than it sounds. Even if you erase everything from your hard disk using software, there are methods to retrieve that data and potentially put your business or organization in a difficult situation.

What your company needs is an effective solution that will enable the permanent deletion of data and the rapid sanitization of hard drives according to NSA regulations. And the solution is simple; degaussing.

What Is Degaussing?

Degaussing is a process of permanently and irrevocably deleting data from hard drives, floppy disks, and magnetic tapes by readjusting their magnetic structure.

How Does Degaussing Work?

Hard disks use specifically arranged magnetic fields to store information and by degaussing a hard drive, we can effectively rearrange those magnetic fields in order to make the data irrevocable. A degausser (or degaussing machine) uses a high-intensity magnetic field to reshuffle the magnetic materials and ensure that the data is impossible to retrieve.

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons To Choose The CyberCrunch Degaussing Service:

It’s 100% Effective: degaussing will completely erase everything from your magnetic hard drives, including sensitive company info, customer data, and other sensitive files.

It’s Safer Than Software: a degaussed drive cannot be used again. By degaussing your magnetic drives, you can rest assured that the drive cannot be operated by any OS.

It’s Quicker: degaussers can be fed with multiple hard drives simultaneously, which will in turn minimize degaussing time and maximize efficiency.

Are You Sure You Want To Permanently Delete This File?

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Degaussing:

Can You Recover Data From A Degaussed Hard Drive Or Reuse That Drive? – No. Degaussing a drive makes the data irrevocable and the disk itself unusable. By destroying the magnetic structure, a degausser will render the hard drive useless.

Can You Degauss A Hard Drive With A Simple Magnet? – No. The magnetic fields are simply not strong enough. Only high-intensity degaussers (like the ones used by CyberCrunch) can guarantee the permanent deletion of all data.

Which Types Of Drives Can Be Degaussed? – Degaussing erases data on most forms of tape storage, including DLT, 3480, SDLT, AIT, magnetic tapes, cassettes, magnetic hard drives, and more. However, solid-state drives, such as USB drives or flash drives cannot be degaussed.

Is Degaussing Hard Drives Really Necessary? – It depends. In many cases, it is required by law according to the HIPAA, the GLB-Act, and NSA regulations. In any case, degaussing your hard drives will protect your company’s integrity and privacy.

What Comes After Degaussing A Drive? – You can physically destroy it or shred it (recommended by the NSA).

Are You Considering Degaussing Your Organization’s Drives? Get A Quote Today!

By choosing the CyberCrunch degaussing service, you will gain access to a team of fully-qualified professionals and NSA-approved degaussing machines that will safely, quickly, and effectively delete your data.


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