CyberCrunch offers special discount to ARROW Electronics Asset Disposition Customers


Nationwide ITAD provider to offer discounts to former ARROW Customers

CyberCrunch the world’s fastest growing data destruction and e waste recycling firm, announces today it will welcome former Arrow Sustainable Technology Solutions customers by offering a 25 percent discount to their existing contracts through the end of 2019 with agreed upon contract extensions. This agreement comes on the heels of ARROW’s recent announcement that it will close its personal computer and mobility asset disposition businesses.

According to ARROW’s recent announcement, the global ITAD service provider will stop accepting materials at its facilities on August 5th.

“We understand this may be a difficult time for ARROW customers,” says Serdar Bankaci President, “but CyberCrunch is here to make the transition for ARROW customers seamless, efficient and cost effective. We have set-up a hotline for ARROW customers to call with questions and to receive their 25 percent discount.”

As an R2 Certified company with a specialization in e-waste recycling and data destruction, CyberCrunch is a natural fit for ARROW customers.

“As we continue to see the ITAD space shrink, customers can be assured that material handled by CyberCrunch are in good hands,” says Bankaci. “CyberCrunch not only focuses on excellent customer service, but we ensure the compliance documentation is provided to our customers in a fast and efficient manner. We understand that proper and timely paperwork is a big part of ITAD compliance, and CyberCrunch makes that easy.”

ARROW customers are encouraged to reach out to CyberCrunch at the following hotline: 866-925-2354 x100. They can also be reached via email: [email protected].

About CyberCrunch
CyberCrunch is an international leader in ITAD services, e-waste recycling and secure data destruction including on-site shredding and tech services. CyberCrunch e-waste recycling is handled by one of its R2 Certified facilities. CyberCrunch Data Security services include on-site data destruction, off-site data wiping, product destruction and degaussing services. CyberCrunch TechLite services including fulltime IT tech services including two tiers of temporary IT labor services. For more information about CyberCrunch, please visit or call (866) 925-2354.