CyberCrunch October 2017 Newsletter

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Educating Your Staff on Cyber Security

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, an annual campaign to raise awareness about the importance of securing your data online. The Internet is ever present in daily life. National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) is designed to engage and educate individuals in the public and private sectors, through events and initiatives to raise awareness data security.

Educating your staff on Cyber Security should be crucial for your organization. Employees should be aware of common online security threats and how to deal with them. Here are some tips for educating your employees:
Train employees regularly on cybersecurity – Explain the potential impact a breach may have on your organization. Emphasize the different types of cyber attacks. It’s not enough to require employees to sign a form that says “I have read and understand the company’s information security policies.” Most importantly, keep them committed in the battle against attacks. Train employees on specific incidents including phishing emails, physical security and other common hacking techniques.
Don’t forget to train management – Don’t limit information security training to staff-level employees. Management and executives can be, and often are, targets of a hackers. They hold more valuable information than lower-level workers. Often, IT departments allow managers and executives greater network privileges and access rights. Be sure to keep those at the top in the loop as well.
Make sure employees know “The Plan” – A procedure should be in place for handling a data breach. Employees must be trained on how to recognize an attack and what to do next. Unplugging the machine, notifying an administrator of suspicious activity and reporting lost or stolen mobile devices are some steps you should include in your cyber security training.
Plan to the end – Once IT assets have been decommissioned and brought out of service they should be properly sanitized and recycled. Leaving decommissioned computers, laptops and hard drives in a closet or an unattended cubicle is a recipe for disaster. Cyber awareness should start before you purchase assets and end once the material has been properly sanitized and recycled.
Business owners and top executives should also be aware that finding a recycler will help avoid the risk of a data breach. CyberCrunch can help by providing safe, secure recycling and data destruction. Remember, it’s your job to keep your customer information safe.
Educate yourself even more from Homeland Security’s Cyber Security Division for some additional tips.

The Importance of Cyber Liability Insurance

According to an article by CNBC, 50% of small businesses have been victimized by a data breach in the past year. As technology evolves, so will the ways organizations store and use data to run their operations. This constant progression makes your business more vulnerable to a cyber attack.

Cyber Liability insurance provides coverage if your business is the victim of a cyber attack. This coverage is designed to meet the cyber liability protection needs of businesses of all sizes. Coverage may include data loss & system damage, notification expenses, investigation expenses, legal counsel services, IT security and forensic experts, public relations and advertising support, breach notification, call center and website support, as well as credit monitoring and identity theft restoration.

The Internet is not going anywhere. Having Cyber Liability Insurance can bring you peace of mind as a business owner in this ever changing world.

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