Threat Tuesday: How Much Does a Data Breach Cost?

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Cybercrime is big business nowadays, and that means that businesses are paying big for data breaches. According to IBM’s 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report, the cost of a data breach has increased 12% over the past five years. On average, a data breach will cost a company $3.92 million. And this doesn’t mean that small- and medium-sized businesses … Read More

Threat Tuesday: How To Conduct a Data Audit

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Do you know where your data is hiding? If you don’t, it can easily become a target for hackers and cybercriminals. Additionally, it can open you up to liabilities under consumer data protection laws if the data is misused, mishandled, or not deleted after the correct retention time. Taking a detailed audit of what data you collect, where you store … Read More

Threat Tuesday: Have a Data Breach Response Plan

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A serious data breach can be a worst-case scenario for a business. They often catch businesses off-guard, leading to extended downtime, loss of revenue, and in some cases the complete failure of the company. If some of your company’s sensitive data were to be exposed, what would you do? Spending the time now to develop a plan can save you … Read More

Threat Tuesday: What is the Dark Web?

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In a number of data breach news stories in recent years, you’ve probably seen one phrase pop up again and again: “dark web”. Stories like “Thousands of credit card numbers skimmed from Company X were sold on the dark web” and “Millions of login credentials from <big-website>.com hacked, leaked on Dark Web” have become rather frequent. What is the dark … Read More

Threat Tuesday: Protect Your Data With Asset Management

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Think of how many laptops, desktops, and other assets your organization is responsible for. Do you have a simple way to find out where those assets are located and who is in possession of them? Lost, stolen, or unaccounted for hardware can present a serious threat to your data security. If a computer is misplaced or disposed of improperly, data … Read More

Threat Tuesday: What Does “Zero-Trust” Mean For ITAD?


Think about walking into a large office building. As you enter, a security guard looks at your ID badge. Then you scan it at the entrance, and the barrier allows you to enter. You’re then free to proceed to your office, your boss’s office, or wherever else you might like to go in the building. That’s how networks are traditionally … Read More

Threat Tuesday: The Rise of the APTs


This week, it was announced that the Chinese government was behind the massive 2017 Equifax data breach that exposed the information of 147 million people. Since Mandiant (now FireEye) exposed the People’s Liberation Army’s secretive hacking group in 2013, dozens of other state-sponsored groups, known as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), have been identified. These groups, sponsored by the likes of … Read More

Threat Tuesday: Stolen Credentials – The Gift That Keeps On Giving


How many times do you enter a username and password online every day? 10? 20? More? Passwords remain the universal choice for authentication on the Web. But, these strings of numbers, letters and symbols can be dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands. In more than two thirds of data breaches, stolen credentials are found to be at fault. … Read More