Don’t Make These E-Waste Mistakes in 2021 – CyberCrunch January Newsletter

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Welcome to the first CyberCrunch newsletter of 2021!

In this issue, we’ll cover some recent e-waste news about some expensive lessons that some retailers and manufacturers are learning about recycling laws. Also, we’re pleased to announce the winner of our Christmas iPad giveaway – check the details below.

Retailers Liable for E-Waste Fines

In a recent story reported by E-Scrap News, three major retailers were fined millions of dollars by the state of California for stores that failed to properly dispose of hazardous electronic waste, including lithium-ion batteries and mercury-containing lightbulbs. On two separate occasions, trash from Bed Bath & Beyond stores ignited fires at a transfer station and a trash compactor, leading to an investigation and subsequent $1.5M fine. Other retailers targeted by California regulators include pharmacy giant Walgreens and discount fashion retailer Ross.

These cases highlight the challenges faced by retailers and other businesses that have multiple locations outside of direct corporate control. Even if your headquarters has a proper recycling program, satellite locations need to have procedures and policies in place that makes it easy for all employees to do the right thing when it comes to e-waste disposal. Environmental regulators at the local, state and federal level are more eager than ever to investigate and fine businesses with poor recycling practices.

CyberCrunch can help your entire company to comply with e-waste disposal regulations with one contract. With our nationwide service, easy scheduled pickups, and convenient mail-back recycling services, we can design an e-waste recycling program that fits your needs and budget, whether you have one location or 100.

Contact us today for more information about our e-waste disposal services.

iPad Giveaway Winner Announced

From October 1st to December 18th, 2020, each scheduled e-waste pickup earned you a chance to win a new iPad — just in time for Christmas. The giveaway has concluded, and we’re pleased to announce that Pittsburgh-based Pressley Ridge were the winners! Congratulations!

Founded in 1832, Pressley Ridge provides family counseling, mental health and foster care services to more than 10,000 families across six states. By partnering with CyberCrunch for secure data disposal and electronics recycling, they’ve shown a commitment to protecting their clients’ personal information from unauthorized disclosure and protecting the environment from hazardous waste. Thank you Pressley Ridge for your good example in these areas.

Be sure to keep an eye on our website and LinkedIn page for future giveaways and promotions. And if you’d like to learn how CyberCrunch can help you protect your business and the environment, contact us today for a free data disposal quote.