CyberCrunch January Newsletter


New Decade, Old Data? Destroy It The Right Way with CyberCrunch

The first month of the new decade is almost done, but that doesn’t mean that last decade’s data security issues have just disappeared.

In this month’s newsletter, we’ll look at how the Windows 7 end-of-life will affect your cybersecurity plans for the coming year, and how verification is an important step in the data-destruction process. Then, find out how you can easily keep up with the latest cybersecurity and recycling news via social media.

Goodbye Old Friend: Windows 7 Reaches End-of-Life

After more than 10 years, Microsoft has pulled the plug on updates for Windows 7. This means that any new security flaws found in Windows 7 will go unpatched — leaving them ripe for exploitation by hackers. But more than half of businesses haven’t finished migrating to Windows 10, despite the security risks involved.

Is a Windows 10 upgrade on your roadmap for this year? If so, CyberCrunch is here to help. We’ll help you dispose of your old workstations easily and securely. And if you need help unboxing and setting up new workstations, our TechLite service could be just the extra push you need to finish your upgrade project on time.

Trust, but Verify: The Importance of Validating Data Destruction

Securely destroying data involves more than just wiping or formatting a hard drive. While these processes can be effective, it’s important to verify that the erasure was successful and that the data was, in fact, destroyed — especially if the media is going to be reused.

Because of the effort and expense involved in this kind of verification, many organizations choose physical destruction over wiping or degaussing. With this method, the destroyed media itself is all the verification you need that your data is no longer readable.

CyberCrunch specializes in physical destruction of all kinds of media. And we take verification seriously. We can provide you with the verification that you require for your legal and regulatory requirements, including video evidence that your data was destroyed. Contact us today to find out how we can help keep you secure and compliant.

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