Four Questions to Ask When Choosing a Data Destruction Company

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Protecting data should be a top priority of any company.  IT equipment contains sensitive information that should be destroyed before being recycled.  Choosing and recognizing a true data destruction company can come with a variety of questions.  Here are some questions to ask when choosing your data destruction company:

What Services Do You Provide?  It’s important to choose a company that can provide your company with the right services for your business, while being compliant with governmental policies and regulations.  A reputable data destruction company should be able to provide you with on and off-site destruction options, IT asset disposition (ITAD), and recycling services to help keep sensitive information safe.

How is My Material Being Destroyed?  Shredding is the most secure way of destroying your data.  If it’s just being crushed, that’s not always enough. Be sure to find a company that provides shredding services.      

How Do I Know If My Hard Drives Have Actually Been Destroyed?  A distinguished company should provide you with a video of your material being shredded if requested, when you choose an off-site option. If you choose to have your material shredded on site, you should be able to watch.  Once the data is destroyed, the company should provide you with a list of all  destruction and serial numbers that were destroyed. A certificate of data destruction should accompany any and all destruction.

Is Your Company a NAID Member?   The National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) provides oversight for the shredding and destruction industry.  This verifies the qualifications of certified information destruction providers through an unannounced audit program.  A NAID member company can ensure the privacy of your information through strict processes, ongoing trainings, and independent audits.

How can CyberCrunch help? We provide permanent data destruction and recycling solutions to keep your company’s private information safe. Our IT asset disposition (ITAD) services provide secure erasure before assets are remarketed, donated or destroyed. With our extensive experience in the industry, familiarity with regulatory and governmental policies, CyberCrunch is an obvious choice for your data destruction needs.