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CyberCrunch’s Joe Connors to speak at E-Scrap Conference on September 20th

The conference has attendees from more than 38 countries

Joe Connors, Vice President of Business Development at CyberCrunch®, the nation’s leading e-waste specialist in secure data destruction and electronics recycling, will speak at the 2017 E-Scrap Conference on Sept. 20 in Orlando, FL. This conference is the preeminent annual meeting spot for members of the e-scrap community to exchange ideas.

“I’m very excited to have the opportunity to speak at the E-Scrap Conference amongst the top industry leaders,” said Connors, who has been a key figure in this industry since 2007. “I look forward to speaking to other e-scrap members who are trying to make our industry safe for Americans and the environment.”

Connors will speak to the group about best practices for recycling TV/CRT waste, significant risk of improper disposal and the impact to the recyclers’ profitability.

Industry speakers at the event will focus on how to grow business in the field of electronics recycling. Included topics will be extensive and detailed industry assessments, including environmental stewardship and recycling trends in the U.S. and Canada, E-scrap collection issues, recycling market factors, and legislative and policy considerations.

About CyberCrunch: CyberCrunch provides secure, safe, and simple recycling solutions. CyberCrunch specialize in permanent data destruction solutions including shredding and degaussing of hard drives, cell phones and tablets. CyberCrunch helps clients recycle electronics securely and safely along with offering value for used and obsolete equipment.