Commonwealth Computer Recycling Earns Highest Level of National Recycling Certification

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First Pittsburgh Area Company To Become R2 Certified

Mount Pleasant, PA — (6/12/12) — Commonwealth Computer Recycling (CCR) has been awarded the prestigious R2 certification. This means that the company has met very specific and strict standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to safely recycle and manage electronics. CCR passed months of rigorous testing to be named the first certified electronics recycling facility in South Western Pennsylvania with the R2 approval, and one of only 225 companies worldwide to receive the award.

“Although CCR received the official certification earlier this month, our team has been adhering to these standards set by the EPA since we began recycling electronics,” said Serdar Bankaci, CCR founder and lead recycler. “We are extremely proud to be the first company in the Pittsburgh area to reach this level of recycling and we have made it our team’s goal to be an example for other recyclers around the country.”

The R2 certification means that CCR demonstrated to an independent auditor their commitment to reuse and recycle the maximum amount possible of electronics they receive, and also to eradicate the harmful effects to the environment or humans working with the items they collect. The responsibility does not stop there for CCR as the company has to ensure the electronics are managed correctly by their downstream partners and ensure that all data, such as hard drives on computers, is destroyed.

Bankaci said, “While we have earned this certification after nine months of auditing and reviewing our practices, we will join the EPA and continue to push for the highest standards of electronics recycling and practices in this country. Again, our commitment to set an example of recycling excellence started long before we received our certification and it has strengthened since we received the R2 notice.”

The certification comes to CCR at an important time with the passage of the Pennsylvania State Covered Device Recycling Act (Act 108) that will require all businesses and consumers to recycle covered devices (desktop and laptop computers, computer monitors, computer peripherals, and televisions.) In addition, the law also compels all electronics recycling facilities located in Pennsylvania to be accredited before handling products from consumers or small businesses.

“The EPA strongly recommends consumers to work directly with recyclers who have the R2 seal of approval,” Bankaci said. “We not only recycle all of the devices mentioned in the act, we also ensure proper destruction of the data that complies with strict government mandates. Whether we are working with a company or an individual to recycle or reuse their electronics, their health, security, and the environment are always our top priority.”

About CCR: CCR is proud to be a nationally recognized, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable company. The company provides safe and secure data privacy protection while helping companies reduce their e-waste footprint. The CCR team has over seven years of experience in the IT industry, giving them the ability to serve the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. CCR is an industry leader adhering to the latest technology and regulations surrounding data destruction and computer recycling to ensure the highest level of service.