Fight Against Cyber Attacks with CyberCrunch®


Commonwealth Computer Recycling Joins the Fight Against Cyber Attacks with New CyberCrunch, an Innovative Data Destruction Service

CyberCrunch Recycling, (a division of Commonwealth Computer Recycling), with offices serving the Mid-Atlantic region, is joining in the fight against cyber hacking and illegal data acquisition with the introduction of secure and convenient on- site hard drive shredding.

With businesses around the world being subjected to large-scale cyber hacking it is imperative that everything be done to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information. To address this growing concern, CyberCrunch provides a quick and permanent solution for shredding hard drives. Operating in much the same manner as a paper shredder, the hard drive shredder completely destroys a hard drive in a matter of seconds. The result is a small pile of metal “crumbs” which can never be reassembled or used in any way to gain information about an individual or business.

This Level III Security destruction service offered by CyberCrunch is designed for government agencies, business and individuals interested in a total on-site data destruction solution. CyberCrunch adheres to the strictest guidelines established by HIPAA, FACTA, GLB and the Department of Defense. In addition to the shredding of nonfunctioning hard drives, certificates of destruction are also issued. Once destroyed, the information contained on the hard drive is gone forever. Off-site options are also available for interested parties. Regardless, the results are the same—peace of mind and irretrievable information.

CyberCrunch is committed to responsible recycling and data destruction, making it an industry leader in environmental protection and information systems security.

Commonwealth Computer Recycling is an R2 and RIOS certified e-waste recycler based in Greensburg and Philadelphia PA. CCR serves the Mid-Atlantic region as a leader in e-waste recycling and secure data destruction.

To learn more about CyberCrunch, the communities we serve and the services we offer, visit our website at or phone 866-925-2354 for more information.